Payday loans for 60 days – loan offers for over a month


Most companies that provide fast loans over the internet allow you to pay them back within 30 days. There are also those that give customers up to 60 days to return borrowed money. Who will benefit the most by taking a payday loan for 60 days? Which lenders offer such financing? Advise.

60-day loans – where to look for them?

60-day loans - where to look for them?

If you reach for a quick online loan, you will be required to pay the entire amount back once. And this means that within a month you have to accumulate several hundred or even several thousand dollars. If your budget is very tight, you live “from the first to the first”, and there are no savings of any kind – don’t risk it.

Instead of a 30-day loan, reach for the one with an extended repayment period. This will minimize the risk of late repayment and unpleasant consequences that follow. If you do not pay back the loan on time, the lender will be entitled to charge you interest for delay. He will also be able to start the recovery procedure and refer the case to court and enforcement proceedings.

60-day loan in Good Credit

60-day loan in Good Credit

Good Credit is one of the best known and recognizable non-bank lenders. The first Good website was launched in Great Britain in 2007. Since then, the company’s financial products have enjoyed unflagging interest.

As a new customer, you can apply for a short-term loan in the amount of 50 to 1500 USD for a period of 1 to 60 days or installment loan in the amount of up to 10,000 USD for up to 24 months. With each subsequent short-term loan, the available limit may increase up to USD 2,500. The cost of the first payday loan in Good Credit is only 10 USD.

A quick loan from Good Credit can be obtained by a person who:

  • is at least 18 years old;
  • lives in Poland;
  • has a bank account;
  • has an ID card.

How much does a Good Credit loan cost?

The amount of loan-related fees on the Good Credit website is as follows:

  • loan amount: 550 USD;
  • repayment period: 60 days;
  • total amount to be paid: USD 698.50;
  • 0% fixed interest rate;
  • total cost of the loan: USD 148.50.

A loan with a repayment period of 61 days in E-Money

A loan with a repayment period of 61 days in E-Money

A standard offer at E-Money is a loan with a repayment period of up to 30 days, which is free up to USD 3,000. However, the lender wishing to meet the expectations of customers decided to extend the repayment period to 61 days. It is worth noting that this is a one-time repayment, you do not spread the repayment in installments.

To get a loan from E-Money you must meet the following requirements:

  • be between 19 and 78 years old,
  • have a valid Polish ID card,
  • income that will allow you to repay the loan,
  • no active or unpaid loan at E-Money,
  • no negative credit history.

When taking out a loan with a repayment period of USD 3,000, the loan will look as follows:

  • loan amount: USD 3,000
  • repayment period: 61 days,
  • commission: USD 0,
  • total amount to be repaid: USD 3,000,
  • APRC: 0%.

Fast cash loan for 65 days

Fast cash loan for 65 days

Fast Cash is an online platform that provides short-term loans online with optimal offers tailored to the needs of customers.

It currently offers the highest amount of free payday pay on the market. By using the Quick Cash service, you can borrow up to USD 6,000, spreading the repayment over 65 days. To apply for additional funds, you only need an ID card, bank account and mobile phone. The lender does not require any additional documents.

Fast cash can be received by a person who:

  • has Polish citizenship;
  • is at least 18 years old;
  • has a bank account in one of the Polish banks and an active mobile phone;
  • has no arrears in repayment of loans and advances previously drawn.

How much does the Quick Cash loan cost?

The first loan in the maximum amount of USD 6,000 is absolutely free. Standard borrowing costs are as follows:

  • loan amount: USD 500;
  • repayment period: 30 days;
  • loan interest rate: 10% per annum;
  • commission USD 137.40;
  • total amount to be paid: USD 641.60;
  • APRC: 1978%.

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